Spark Placemaking

Spark Placemaking is a placemaking and tactical urbanism program of the nonprofit Big Car Collaborative, working across Indiana and beyond. In this program, our team collaborates with communities who invite us to work with them to test and implement lighter, quicker, cheaper approaches for people-focused public places and streets. Our work focuses on programming public places, not expensive design or build of public spaces that often then sit unused.

We work to foster connectivity, community, culture, and creativity through engagement-based partnerships led by artists, planners, and active citizens. We work to support livable streets, blocks, and neighborhoods in ways that benefit everyone. In addition to our work in Indianapolis, we are teaming up with local leaders and artists in Fort Wayne – and we have worked in Indiana communities like Lafayette/West Lafayette, Shelbyville, and Richmond in the past. We have found that artist-led and community-driven placemaking as we approach it – free, inclusive, flexible, adaptable, site-specific, empathetic, human-scale – is very effective in communities of all sizes and with people of all backgrounds.

This video, which explores the Power of 10 as expressed by Project for Public Spaces, offers examples of the kind of work we do through Spark Placemaking:

10 Things that happened at Spark: Monument Circle from Big Car Collaborative on Vimeo.

  • Date: August, 2019