Kennedy King Mural

Date of Install: 2023

We partnered with Maribeth Smith & Associates as well as, the National Conference of State Legislatures to design and paint this mural at the NCSL 2023 Closing Reception.

The Kennedy King Mural is installed at Kennedy King Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. The mural features a cityscape made up of both current and historic relevant landmarks and buildings from the surrounding neighborhood.

A few of the iconic landmarks depicted in the mural include:

Broadway Christian Center: a local community center, located in the former Third Christian Church building at 16th & Broadway, served as an epicenter for social activism during the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Landmark for Peace Memorial:   The memorial on the south side of MLK Park, which features Kennedy and King reaching out to each other, was designed by Indiana artist Greg Perry, as a tribute to King and the historic speech given by Robert Kennedy on the night of King’s assassination.

Kountry Kitchen – The neighborhood’s longest serving restaurant was opened in 1976 in the former Stratford Theatre complex on 19th and College (then spelled “Country Kitchen”) and over the years has been a popular destination for famous visitors such as Mike Epps and former President Barack Obama. They are currently rebuilding a new restaurant and event center at this location after a fire in the building in 2020.

As well as the tapestry of different styled homes from different eras of the last 150 years