JFGI Placemaking

Starting in 2018, we began working with the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis (JFGI) to test placemaking ideas and gather input and test ideas for best utilizing the Jewish Community Campus — home of the Jewish Community Center.

Drawing on our experience working with artists in residence, arts programming, and creative economies, we’re working to help expand the Campus’ audience, and address issues of access and connectivity. The programs leverage the unique assets of local residents, innovators, and businesses in order to create an equitable and inclusive experience that represents the diverse communities served by the Campus.

Project Goals

Engage and connect with nearby residents, gathering input, sharing stories, and welcoming them to the Campus

Reach the broader community, in particular young and creative communities who can partner with the Campus on various programs and partnerships

Nurture a culture of collaboration among the organizations on Campus

Honor and celebrate the culture and history of the Jewish community alongside neighboring communities through programs, existing and new

Test ideas and plans in temporary, pop-up ways

Better utilize the outdoor space on the Campus as a community asset that is safely and visibly connected to the site’s surroundings

Advocate for, test, and implement steps for improved pedestrian and bike access to the Campus, with a longer-term goal of improving walking and biking conditions

Develop the partners’ capacity to engage, program, and fundraise on an ongoing basis

Enhance the sense of safety on the Campus