The Spanish Language Mobile Library

The Spanish Language Mobile Library is located in Big Car’s Wagon of Wonders, a mobile museum customized by Indianapolis-based artists with numerous art activities for people of all ages. When unlocking the rear end of the Wagon of Wonders, the first thing that can be seen is the bookshelf. The Wagon features a table on both sides with two seats that act as storage bins for other books Big Car staff cycle throughout the year. About 80-90% of the literature featured in the Wagon is written in Spanish while the remainder is in English.

The Spanish Language Mobile Library consists of books donated from artist Pablo Helguera’s Libreria Donceles project and purchases made by Big Car’s Spanish speaking staff, Eduardo Luna and Alexis Zarco (also both artists).

Since the installation of the bookshelf, many visitors have benefited from it; all young and old, and of different cultural backgrounds as well. The great thing about the Mobile Library is that it reaches so many people and creates a unique and knowledgeable experience for free. Anybody can select a book and read it inside our tables, or they can take it if they are not finished reading. You can check out some photos of the library being used here, here, and here.

You can check out the Libreria Donceles here.

This project was made possible by The Clowes Fund Inc.