Super Bowl Programming

When the Super Bowl came to Indianapolis in 2012, the whole city joined in making our city great for visitors — and in building a better sense of community here. Big Car participated in multiple ways, hosting World Party international celebrations at Service Center for Culture and Community. These events featured a partnership with Know No Stranger in which they interviewed visitors in a fake talk show set at Service Center. And all of the events shared the Cultural Gallery, a display of traditions, icons and objects as art.

Big Car artists also played “Yes” games (a cross between athletics and theater inspired by the New Games movement of the 1970s) with people of all ages in an official partnership at the Super Bowl Village downtown.

Also, Big Car supported the 46 Faces video and billboard campaign produced by Zachary Shields, highlighting the stories of 46 different people making a difference in Indianapolis.

Lastly, Big Car two murals on Service Center (one a community collaborations and one with artist Clayton Hamilton) as part of the Arts Council of Indianapolis 46 for 46 Mural project, bringing many high-profile murals to the city in time for the Super Bowl.