2011 Fluxus events in 2011

Big Car collective artists and friends set out in 2011 to complete Fluxus events. We did it! Every time we performed a Fluxus action — either collaboratively or individually — we documented it and posted it on social media.

Find the videos in a Vimeo collection here.

We worked from the original Fluxus event scores created, mostly, in the 1960s. This was sort of an art version of historical reenactment. As part of the project, we completed a great deal of research into Fluxus, collected and shared original scores (exhibiting artifacts also) with people throughout 2011. Events took place at Big Car Gallery, Portland State University’s Open Engagement conference, Service Center for Culture and Community, The Indiana State Fair, schools, senior centers and many other places.

See more photos and video clips here.

Basic guidelines for Fluxus events (source-us and various Fluxus publications):

1. Fluxus is an attitude. It is not a movement or a style.
2. Fluxus is intermedia.
3. Fluxus creators like to see what happens when different media intersect. They use found and everyday objects, sounds, images, and texts to create new combinations of objects, sounds, images, and texts. Fluxus works are simple. The art is small, the texts are short, and the performances are brief.
4. Fluxus is fun. Humour has always been an important element in Fluxus.