Spirit & Place Partnerships

The Spirit & Place Festival is unique to Indianapolis: an annual series of themed events that spotlight traditions in the arts, humanities and religion, and inspire unusual partnerships. Big Car’s been a proud Spirit & Place participant each year since 2009 with these events related to each year’s festival theme:

2015 / “Dream” : A Surrealist party at the Glendale Branch Library including Shark heads, music, and peculiar finger foods.

2015 / “Dream” : 5 x 5 Idea Competition: Dream Indy is a team art-based competition, the winner gets $10,000 to turn their dreams for improving the city into reality.

2015 / “Dream”: 20th Annual Public Conversation: New Dreams for Indy, a night to learn what Indy’s young artists, entrepreneurs, and others dream for the future of Indy.

2014 / “Journeys” : A public dinner at a Chinese restaurant and visual sharing of travel stories by 10 presenters and karaoke of songs by the band Journey.

2013 / “Risk” : An adventure tour, discussion, and visual mapping of perceived risk factors in various Indianapolis neighborhoods.

2012 / “Play” : A musical machinery workshop and concert with French sound artist Pierre Bastien.

2011 / “The Body”: An idea competition for the social good called Think Farm.

2011 / “The Body”: A talk by filmmaker and writer John Waters at the Madame Walker Theater Center, co-presented with IMOCA.

2010 / “Food for Thought”: This cultural showcase event in the middle of an international grocery store was a turning point for Big Car, turning our focus to a new neighborhood (the Lafayette Square area on the westside of Indy) and a new way of working (social practice art).

2010 / “Food for Thought”: An art and literary presentation inspired by chickens.

2009 / “Inspiring Places”: A program of purposely noisy fun and art at the public library called a.MUSE.ment.

2009 / “Inspiring Places”: An exhibition of the people and places of Fountain Square as part of Big Car’s Made for Each Other project.