Jillisblack talk at Tube Factory

Jillisblack at Tube Factory artspace from Big Car Collaborative on Vimeo.

Part of the programming with the Carl Pope:Mari Evans exhibition, Tube Factory artspace hosted Jill is Black, a writer, blogger, and facilitator/trainer/lecturer, focusing on issues of Race, Power, and Privilege in modern-day America. She amassed a diverse following via her social media account, @jillisblack–where her social commentary is centered around inner and outer-community hierarchies, the myth of white fragility and other words for racism, the endlessly-pending and highly-exclusive revolution, and dating and relationships through the eyes of social media.

It is Jill’s belief that the shift away from anti-blackness will begin with an outpouring of radical, multi-generational, inclusive and validating honesty. This is the revolution she wishes to be invited to.

Jill was born in Oakland, raised in Alabama, and currently resides in Washington State.