Indianapolis Parks Foundation Mural

In the spring of 2019, Big Car collaborated with the Indianapolis Parks Foundation to produce a public mural, created through a multi-step design process, for the IPL Mayor’s Lunch for Parks. After consulting on ideas, strategies, and approaches to mural, Big Car Creative Director Andy Fry developed a mural in the style of paint-by-numbers. The mural is based on renderings of Riverside Marina, an old marina at Riverside Park that will soon to be renovated and become home to be the Parks Foundation’s new offices. 

On March 7, 2019, volunteers at the event painted the mural under the supervision of Big Car staff. Big Car also provided black and white colorable postcards, matching the mural design, for participants to color day-of and send anywhere in the world for free. The mural was then touched up and completed by art students at Riverside High School. The mural will be installed in after the renovation of Riverside Marina is complete.

Check photos from this project here.