Call for Proposals: Fall Creek Place Mural

The project

Circle City Property Management & Development is seeking a mural with a highly visible design (could be abstract or representational) for a new building in the Fall Creek Place neighborhood. We encourage artists to consider work for that mural, which will be affixed to window louvers on the parking structure, that can be site and community-specific with links (thematic and otherwise) to the neighborhood, its history, and nearby landmarks such as the Kennedy King Memorial. 

A selected professional artist or artist team (with an identified lead) will receive a stipend of $12,500 for original art/design and participation in oversight/support of the mural being installed on the louvers. All install and printing costs will be covered by other funds. Installation will be overseen, in partnership with the artist, by the project’s development and architecture team.

We are seeking experienced artists from Indiana or with strong ties to Indianapolis to create original artwork that will be formatted to a large-scale mural. Installers hired by the building’s ownership will adhere the mural to louvers (vertical slats) along the north façade of the Citizens Park Apartment parking structure. The mural will be visible from College Avenue and can potentially wrap around the entire building (depending on the artist’s vision). 

Mural site: 2222 N. College Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205. Click here to download the renderings.

North East Elevation

Selection process 

Big Car Collaborative will work with residents of Fall Creek Place on reviewing and selecting the finalists. Artists submitting proposals should consider how they would incorporate feedback from residents on the proposed mural. This RFP does not require artists to submit actual design drawings in the first round. Three finalists will receive $500 to support their time in submitting a design. Our goals for this project are to convey the locale’s sense of place while working openly with the community on decisions of representation and the design of the public artwork conveying the dynamic energy of the neighborhood. 

Proposal requirements

This call is open to all Indiana-based artists. Artists with strong ties to Indianapolis and the neighborhood will be prioritized. Candidates must be professional artists/designers. 

The following is required for consideration as a completed proposal:

  1. Contact information: Name, Address, telephone number, email address
  2. Resume/CV 
  3. Written narrative describing your artistic vision and proposal (no longer than 2 single-spaces pages)
  4. Examples of past work, either attached as a PDF or shared web address to a digital portfolio (Maximum of 10)
  5. Optional additional support materials (i.e. news articles or past work). Also, should the artist envision incorporating community engagement in the design process, we would welcome those ideas/suggestions as our desire is to use the mural process of public engagement.

Materials must be submitted by April 6, 2022. Only complete proposals will be reviewed. 

Apply here:

Selection process

We encourage artists of color to apply. All applications will be scored — in part — utilizing a weighted system to prioritize artists of color, veterans, and artists with close ties to the neighborhood. The team will review all completed proposals to identify semi-finalists. Then, a committee of Fall Creek residents will review the proposals and choose three finalists to submit a design. Each finalist will receive a $500 stipend for these designs which will then be reviewed and chosen by the team.

The following will be considered in the selection process:

  • Proposal requirements outlined in the RFP are met
  • Proposal was submitted by the deadline and is complete.
  • The vision of the design aligns with the goals of the project.
  • Originality and creativity.
  • Artist demonstrates ability to understand a locale’s sense of place and to design in a context-sensitive manner.


We are flexible in the size/scope of the façade treatment. Given that there are several louvers that wrap around the building, the budget may vary widely depending on the artistic vision of the selected artist. We ask that proposals consider a broad use of louvers available when considering their designs. Each finalist will be paid a $500 stipend for their proposal. The selected artist will receive a stipend of $12,500.

Project Timeline (subject to change)

February 21, 2022 Announcement and distribution of RFP

April 6, 2022 Deadline for receipt of proposals

April 12, 2022 All submissions reviewed and semifinalists sent for committee review

April 26, 2022 Committee chooses three finalists

July 26, 2022 Deadline for receipt of finalist designs

July 27-August 5, 2022 Interviews with finalists

August 19, 2022 Committee selects artist and contract completed

October 10, 2022 Art design finalized and approved

Spring/Summer 2023 Work is installed


The artist will retain ownership of any ideas submitted for consideration until the final selection has been made and a contract will be signed between Circle City Property Management & Development (CCPMD) and the selected artist. At that time, CCPMD will obtain 100% ownership of artwork produced, in whatever stage of completion, and the artwork shall become property of CCPMD as a work made for hire as defined by the copyright laws of the United States. CCPMD shall be the sole and exclusive owner and copyright proprietor of all rights and title in and to the results and proceeds of the artists’ services hereunder. In addition, artist will represent being the sole author of the Work and that all services are original by artist and not copied in whole or in part. 

Application Checklist

Lead Artist Contact information


Mailing Address:




If there will be more than one artist on your team, please supply the NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER and ADDRESS for EACH of the artists here:

Proposal Narrative

Artist statement (Recommended length: 300 words maximum for each partnering artist)

Briefly outline your interest in the project including a preliminary statement of approach. (300 words maximum)

Please upload a written narrative describing your artistic vision and proposal (no longer than 2 single-spaces pages)


Cover letter (optional)

CV or Resume upload (please include a CV or resume for the lead artist and each partnering artist)

Up to 10 images of past completed work that you consider relevant to this project

Image list (250 words maximum)

Materials must be submitted by April 6, 2022. Only complete proposals will be reviewed. 

Apply here:

  • Date: February, 2022