American Red Cross

Big Car has been excited to partner with the American Red Cross Indiana Region to implement a replicable mobile interactive protocol for public outreach and engagement purposes. For this project, Big Car brainstormed ideas for public engagement in collaboration and consultation with Red Cross. Big Car then developed several different engagement activities, designed to be carried out by existing Red Cross staff and/or volunteers.

After designing six different activities and testing them at multiple events throughout 2019, Red Cross chose three engagement activities to disseminate across its Indiana chapters:

Dry-erase mural

Big Car created a giant, stylized coloring-book mural of the entire earth – with different features (mountains, significant buildings, etc) exaggerated as areas of interest. The mural is designed as a dry-erase mural: the outlines are permanently applied to dry erase panels, which can be mounted side-by-side on easels or hung together from the side of a vehicle like the Sprinters or the RV.

Retro Cross

We created a retro scene from Red Cross’ history on a panel. Faces and armholes were cut out, so that two people can act out a short scene that will make an ideal GIF or looped 3-5 second video. For example: patients on old hospital beds, with a Red Cross volunteer in a retro uniform “attending” to them; a retro scene about giving blood.

Zombie Emergency Challenge

We created signage and mock newspapers that declare a mock zombie attack is imminent – and here’s how to prepare. Takeaway handouts were also made, “How to prepare for the Zombies,” and at the bottom you see: “also applies to a severe weather event.” The advice is actually useful and actionable, but in the guise of fantasy. Other SWAG includes refrigerator magnets with easy-to-follow steps to prepare for zombies and/or a severe weather event.

Big Car also developed training videos to help acclimate Red Cross’ volunteers to the engagement process.

Check out project engagement photos here.