Sounds Like a Place to Call Home

Sounds Like a Place to Call Home

Support our affordable homes for artists on the block around Tube Factory and our on-air and online home of art and music at WQRT 99.1 FM as we wrap up the year.

Rebound, Rebuild, and Be Better

The world has changed. But we’re more certain than ever about the importance of artists in society — and of our role in Indianapolis as an artist-run organization. Our world needs to rebound, rebuild, and be better. And, to do this right, we need the risks, the laughter, the creativity, the critique, the challenges, and the beauty that art and artists provide. 

We at Big Car believe humanity has a collective soul. And it’s the artists who manifest it into a tangible reality. That’s why we’re focused on offering long-term affordable housing for artists and providing an on-air, pandemic-proof approach to sharing their work through our radio station, WQRT, that also produces online audio content.

But we need your help as we face financial shortfalls and uncertainty with both programs in 2021.This isn’t just about you supporting Big Car. It’s about supporting artists, our neighborhood, and our city. The future of Indianapolis depends on organizations like ours not only surviving, but thriving. 

More Than Survive, Thrive

We’re asking for your donation to help us with these important aspects of what we do: 

Artist and Public Life Residency artist, Justin Cooper, painting a boarded up house on Cruft Street, summer 2020.

• Provide affordable housing for artists working with our dedicated staff and board to turn a block from half vacant to vibrant. We know artists are struggling now more than ever due to the pandemic. Our affordable artist housing program offers discounted home ownership or rent to artists who support the community. So far, we’ve placed artists in ten houses with two more currently taking applications. And we’ve recently purchased two more formerly vacant houses to be turned into affordable homes for artists. We now have 21 new artists and their family members living on the block in what had been vacant houses. Some are poets, some painters, some musicians, some dancers. It’s an amazing group, but we need your help to keep the program going. Check out recent articles about this program featured in Indianapolis Monthly. To learn more about affordable artist housing, click here

TeenWorks teens using the WQRT studio to learn how to write and produce radio shows during their summer program at Tube Factory/Listen Hear.

• Bring cultural content to the airwaves that you won’t hear anywhere else via our noncommercial broadcast radio station, WQRT 99.1 FM, that also streams at wqrt.org. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve learned just how important radio is for connecting people to the resources they need and to each other. So the station — which reaches pretty much the whole city — has turned out to be a great way of not only bringing safe, quality arts programming to households around Indianapolis, but also to support artists, musicians, and writers. In 2021, we’re expanding our programming with two series produced by our staff that highlight Indiana writers and Indiana’s utopian history. To learn more about WQRT, click here

These programs are far more than an affordable housing initiative and a cultural radio station. This work is building a truly connected community — and a better tomorrow. 

How YOU Can Help!

We need your help to make it happen!


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