WQRT Radio

WQRT 99.1 LP-FM is a new low-power FM station owned and operated by Big Car Collaborative now broadcasting out of Listen Hear in the Garfield Park neighborhood of Indianapolis. The station, with a potential reach of more than 400,000 people in the center of Indianapolis will be a hub for community and for art — featuring cultural programming and functioning as an audio art museum that can be enjoyed from your own home or car.

We’re currently raising funds for the studio to be able to accommodate this kind of programming. For now, we’re playing an eclectic mix of everything from classic country and soul to experimental and ambient to local hip hop. We’re also bringing in educational, cultural and community programming over time. During this time, WQRT is functioning in beta mode as we grow into what we’ll be. Big Car staff artists Holly Sommers, Oreo Jones, and Jim Walker are leading work on the station and its programs.

“Low-power” means that this is a real radio signal from a tower, traveling on the air waves. WQRT is designed to reach our local community—commercial-free. It’s small on purpose, and we’re going to learn and grow together in creative ways. Sure, we’ll get into streaming, but let’s kick it off by talking to each other first, with a sweet soundtrack 24/7.

Here’s the current schedule:

9 am to 4:15 pm
Mid-day Atmosphere
(mostly instrumental, some experimental – great for while you work)

4:15 pm to 11 pm
Cruise Control
(picking up the pace with an eclectic with a mix of styles)

9 pm to 9 am
Rhinestone Country
(classic country for walkin’ after midnight)

Soul Glow
(old school R&B, soul, funk)

Rhinestone Country returns with thick smoke, dim lights and loud, loud music for your satisfied mind