Indy City Futbol

Indy City Futbol brings Indianapolis neighbors together to play soccer against other neighborhood teams, helping develop new friendships, build a stronger sense of community, strengthen neighborhood identities, and encourage people to be more physically active. The league was inspired by Detroit City Futbol, a program executive director Jim Walker learned about during a CEOs for Cities conference in Detroit.

Our version of this low-cost, no-profit league — launched with advice from the one in Detroit and in partnership with Indy Eleven (our local pro team) — is co-ed and encourages players to enjoy each other and embrace community, sustainability, and volunteerism more than competitiveness.

European football-style crests for each team created by Indianapolis designer Ross Shafer adorn the players’ shirts at each competition, solidifying the neighborhood focus of each team. But this isn’t just another recreational league. Teams are recognized for wins and losses, but they also earn additional standings points by volunteering together around the city’s neighborhoods, and by commuting together, biking or walking to games.

In 2014, play happened in the underutilized fields at Garfield Park and White River State Park. In 2015, the league moved to the Near Eastside area and played at Arsenal Tech High School. The 2016 season will be starting soon with games at Central Greens (formerly Central State) in the up-and-coming Near Westside area.

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