Who Are You and What Do You Want

About the project

In June of 2008, Big Car created an interactive exhibit titled “Who Are You and What Do You Want” in a vacant storefront space in the Fountain Square neighborhood. The interactive exhibit entailed posting a series of questions and asking people to answer these questions on sticky notes on the night of one of our First Friday openings. Check out our photos from the event here.

This project has popped up a few more times over the years and is one way Jim Walker and Shauta Marsh share with others how to create interactive, engagement-based art activities.”Who Are You and What Do You Want” covers some of the key aspects: encourage people to talk about themselves and share stories as a way to connect with each other.

The second round of the project happened on New Year’s Eve in 2008.

“Who Are You and What Do You Want” was featured in our 10-year anniversary retrospective at the University of Indianapolis.