Square Share

Square Share! May 15th! from Big Car on Vimeo.

January-May 2012: Big Car interviewed 500 people from the Lafayette Square area to gather narratives about important objects and biggest wishes. More details here. See images from the exhibit here. Artists (listed below) then drew pictures of the objects and the images to go with the stories and photos of the people who shared. These were designed by a team of volunteer graphic artists and were then displayed during a celebration and exhibition at Service Center on May 15th, 2012. Other artists — Know No Stranger, Latino Youth Collective, and Zachary Shields — also contributed video pieces. People who attended the opening event also won prizes raffled off for free including cameras, notebooks and recorders to help with story gathering and sharing.

Participating artists included: Nat Russell, Katie Coles, Rebecca Russell, Holly Sommers, Megan Hart, Brandon Schaaf, Meredith Brickell, Shauta Marsh, Jim Walker, Benjamin Bernthal, Michelle McGuire, Brent Lehker, Andy Fry, Josh Rode, Adrianne Williams, Mark A Garrett, Blake Gray, Jordan Esparza, Jean Hensley, Brandon Phillip, Cassie Meadows, Derwin Lester, Nancy Hoogerwerf, Megan Buis, Sarah Carton, Kelsey Hill, Sunni Harford, Callie McGaughey-Smith, and John Clark. This project was funded by a grant from the Eagledale Lafayette Square Area Weed & Seed Program.