Normal Coffee

Starting in August, we’re excited to be bringing a public coffee shop — called Normal Coffee — to Tube Factory with regular morning, daytime and Saturday hours. We also plan to offer pastries in this neighborhood-focused place for coffee, conversation, and connecting with neighbors.

Big Car Collaborative artists work every day with neighbors to support a stronger community on the south side of Indianapolis from our home base, Tube Factory. And we know from experience that one of the best ways to bring people together is with food and drink. That’s why we’re boosting our offerings at Tube with a new coffee shop as a “third space” for people to gather.

These are all things lacking in our neighborhood that currently offers little in the way of local restaurants, no bakeries, and no coffee shop with regular hours. The Garfield Park neighborhood is a place that was once a very walkable village full of local food businesses bringing vibrancy to our streets instead of generic chains and convenience stores that cater to people passing through.

Today, neighbors (which include several of our staff artists) strongly support a successful weekly farmer’s market, and food trucks and art vendors at our monthly First Friday night market. We are very excited to have a coffee shop coming to the neighborhood at Tube Factory with more offerings on our Cruft Street Commons campus on the way in the future!

With Normal Coffee, we’ll further expand the space’s role in the community as a location for spontaneous interaction between neighbors who bump into each other as they stop in for a cup of morning joe. Currently, the Garfield Park and Bean Creek neighborhoods adjacent to Tube Factory lack this kind of local “third space” with regular hours for meeting friends and connecting with each other. Our space currently hosts many meetings and scheduled events. And it is currently used by a handful of neighbors and others as a co-working space.

Adding Normal Coffee will bring additional opportunities for people to connect as evidence shows that these kinds of spaces are vital to breaking down barriers that lead to social isolation.

  • Date: May, 2019