Play Your Veg Til It’s Dead: An Audio Journey with Produce

This public program was organized by artist-in-residence Niina Cochran and the Director of Danger Anne Laker. The event was an ode to the Vienna, Austria based Vegetable Orchestra, a group that Anne Laker had brought to the Indianapolis Art Museum to perform when she previously worked there.

Participants were asked to explore the sonic and sculptural properties of vegetables through chopping, playing and cooking. The afternoon was started off by watching an inspirational video by Jan Svankmajer to gain sound and visual ideas. The sounds discovered and created during the session of experimentation were recorded, compiled, and then listened to at the end of the event while everyone ate a lunch composed of cooked vegetables, the same said vegetables that had just been used to make sound.

Produce was sponsored by Georgetown Market.

You can listen to the recordings of vegetables from that day here and watch a promotional video for the event here.

For further fun documentation please look here.

  • Date: March, 2015