Pie Hole to A Hole

This program was run in conjunction with the bathroom gallery, The Loo-vre, created by artist-in-residence Niina Cochran. The objective was to bring further knowledge and understanding to people about digestive health and how it can be achieved. The evening started off with Monday Night Community Yoga led by Melissa Mendel. She instructed the group through poses that specifically help digestive strength along with poses that also encourage overall strength and health. The second part of the evening was a talk led by Dr. Lauren of Center for Functional Medicine. This talk was set inside the Loo-vre gallery which was used as a visual aid as she spoke about the basics of what digestive health means. She explained the digestive process, gave food ideas that help restore this health, and answered any questions the audience had. During the talk people were encouraged to make visual notes about what they learned. Free happy belly snacks were provided by Fermenti Artisan. Fermented food being probiotic rich and an optimal way to feed your inner ecosystem.