Big Car Gallery

Big Car started out as a collective of writers and artists who all chipped in $15 a month to pay for a space inside the Murphy Arts Center in Fountain Square. They programmed the 1000 square foot space with monthly art shows, music and multi-genre shows, films, collage parties and many other events.

As the building experienced high turn-over of businesses, then Murphy Arts Center owner and artist, Philip Campbell, allowed Big Car to create installations and art shows in empty storefronts and other spaces temporarily available throughout the building.

The art shows were mainly curated by Walker and Marsh but there were frequent guest curators such as the Kunt Collective (featured gay and queer artists), Herron School of Art students, and art collectives in other cities such as Art Hospital.

“How We Remember” Judith Levy

“NoSpace”  Tre Reising with music by Motif, Andy D and Twin Monster.

“That Time of the Month” featuring Naptown Rollergirls by photographers Michelle Pemberton, Marc Lebryk, Tom Klubens and Greg Perez.  Amory Abbott in SideCar Gallery.

Kodoma Sound and video installation

A temporary resident artist at Big Car, Hungarian painter Kiraly Gabor showed work created in Indianapolis.

Love Me curated by Audrey Barcio

Artur Silva

Big Car Gallery briefly had a virtual double created in Second Life for “The Adventures of Filthy Fluno” that opened in real life Indianapolis, Indiana on June 1, 2007.

Collage Party

The Art of Antonio Adams

Jinjonjim: Jeremy Kennedy, Crab Jackson and Shane Edge.

Some months Big Car hosted more than five art shows and 15 music concerts by partnering with various local artists and artist groups. At that point in Indianapolis there weren’t small venues for travelings musicians developing a fanbase, so Big Car began pairing local muscians with traveling acts over the years Bashiri Asad, The Impossible Shapes, Mandy Marie and the Cool Hand Lukes, Deer Tick, Accordions, Amo Joy, Pons, Tuna HelpersVollmar, The Black SwansTonos TriadNormanoak, Grampall Jookabox, Castanets, Pravada, and many more played at Big Car Gallery.

Founders: Jim Walker, Shauta Marsh, John L. Clark, Tim Burris, Anne Laker, Kipp Normand, Joe Merrick, Lisa Barton, Glenn Guimond, Jose Di Gregorio, Jason Pitman and Andy Fry

  • Date: February, 2004