Big Car brings art to people and people to art, sparking creativity in lives to transform communities.

As an adaptive and flexible cultural organization, Big Car draws together people of all backgrounds to promote and perpetuate creativity, invigorate public places, and support better neighborhoods. Big Car is a creative community builder working to boost urban livability from an engagement-based arts and design perspective.

In partnership with other organizations, Big Car does four main things:

  1. Build social capital and encourage civic engagement by bringing diverse people together with cultural events and arts-based activities – and by helping develop, support, and retain leaders.
  2. Share the joy of creativity through engaging, participatory, and collaborative projects, and programs.
  3. Activate public spaces and places with innovative, surprising, and playful cultural programming: performances, games, exhibitions, and events.
  4. Collaborate with residents and stakeholders to transform neighborhoods.

Big Car logos

Download a hi-res versions of the Big Car and Service Center logo: (for approved print ONLY!) zipped (.ai, .pdf and .psd) – download (2.4mb)

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