what’s coming up

Big Car wants to see you at Show Room and Listen Hear, two new pop-up spaces in the Lafayette Place strip mall, right of 65-North!

Listen Hear is a sound art studio: a place to play and experiment
(3743 Commercial Dr.)

The Show Room is a gallery, meeting & creative space
(3739 Commercial Dr.)

Open Hours:
Tuesdays 4 – 9 p.m.
Thursdays 11 – 7 p.m.
Saturdays 12 – 4 p.m.

Great stuff happening several times a week! Click here for descriptions of each program type (Surreal Saturday, Circle Tone, etc.)


+ Tuesday Improvisational / 4-9 pm
+ 2’s D-Night: Bring your mix tape and we draw to them all #2Dmixtape / 6-9 pm

+ Public Meeting / 1-2 pm
+ Circle Tone: Nick Hoffman and Miguel A. Garcia. “Vile Cretin” is a duo of a Basque guy and an American bloke. Field recordings, drones of analog electronics and showers of digital devices, samples of animals and seemingly unknown beasts, whimsical forms and contrasting dynamics, recondite compositon/improvisation and lo-fi sound irony at the same time. / 5 pm

+ Saturdays at Listen Hear / 12-4 pm

+ Community Yoga Class (only $5!, bring your mat) / 6 pm

+ Tuesday Improvisational / 4-9 pm
+ 2’s D-Night: Action Drawing: put a marker in your hand while doing yoga #yogadraw / 6-9 pm

+ Public Meeting / 1-2 pm
+ Circle Tone / 5 pm
+ Game Night / 6-9 pm

+ Play Your Veg ‘Til It’s Dead: an audio journey with produce. Produce provided by Georgetown Market! See a wild promo video here. / 12 – 2 pm
+ Saturdays at Listen Hear / 12-4 pm

+ Community Yoga Class (only $5!, bring your mat)) / 6 pm

+ Tuesday Improvisational / 4-9 pm
+ 2’s D-Night: Put paint on your flip flops and do some Irish step dancing #paintdancing / 6-9 pm

+ Binary Sounds / 7 pm

+ Public Meeting / 1-2 pm
+ Circle Tone: Aaron Zarzutzki of Chicago. He’s an improviser who plays free jazz, EAI, noise, and house music, known for his self made electronics and as a turntablist. Also, on this night, a new exhibit opens called “Temporal/Spatial”: sculpture that utilizes sound as a material. Featuring work by Nick Witten, Liz Wierzbecki, Ryan Johnston, Hillary Russell, Emily Friese and Steve Moore. / 7 pm

+ Saturdays at Listen Hear / 12-4 pm

+ Community Yoga Class (only $5!, bring your mat) / 6 pm

+ Tuesday Improvisational / 4-9 pm
+ 2’s D-Night: Design an album cover / 6-9 pm

+ Public Meeting / 1-2 pm
+ Circle Tone / 5 pm
+ Latino Immersion / Try out some Afro-Cuban dance moves! / 7-9 pm

+ Quakers Meeting / 8 pm

+ Surreal Saturday / 12-2 pm
+ Saturdays at Listen Hear / 12-4 pm

+ Community Yoga Class (only $5!, bring your mat) / 6 pm


The Big Read / 6 pm



Community Yoga Class
Great for beginners and those who want to get back to basics and breathe. Begin with a gentle warm up, followed by a Hatha sequence to build strength and flexibility. End with a guided relaxation. Please bring your own yoga mat, wear comfy clothes and prepare to be barefoot. $5 donation per session / $25 for six-week session (pre-paid). Every Monday.

2’s D-Night
Every Tuesday, exercise your drawing skills and self-reflection. Meet new faces, share experiences, and use them to create a two-dimensional representation of how you view the world. Prompts provided! Every Tuesday.

Tuesday Improvisational
If you’d like to learn about working with sound, get paired up with a more experienced sound artist. Tuesday Improvisational provides access to equipment and space to try new sonic ideas in a collaborative setting — an open experience for working with sound as a material in the arts.

Circle Tone
Get exposed to electronic media in a group setting (“circle tone” is an anagram of “electronic”). Events will range from listening to prerecorded works by local and international artists, to viewing videos and documentaries about sound and art. Every Thursday.

Game Night
Check your devices at the door, and get ready for some analog fun: ping pong, badminton, dancing. Come move with friends! Second Thursday of the month.

Binary Sounds
Electronic musicians showcase music created by laptop. Equipment limited to laptop and a
single MIDI controller.

Latino Immersion
Immerse yourself in the Spanish language through a variety of experiences: film, dialogue, reading, music and food. Both English and Spanish speakers welcome.

Public Meeting
Big Car invites you to share ideas, pitch a partnership with Big Car, get feedback on your idea, or meet new collaborators. Every Thursday at 1 pm.

Saturday at Listen Hear
Drop to experience sound art. Each month we introduce a new hands-on project relating to sound, ranging from simple modes of creation to building electronic circuitry. Great for any age! Every Saturday. In March, the activity is TUBULAR TONES. This sound sculpture will utilize various lengths and types of plastic tubing as sound making instruments. Become a performer and sculptor by changing the length and shape of tubing and then set them in motion to release their sonic characteristics.

Surreal Saturday
A surrealism workshop at The Show Room. Where weeks go to end. Every third Saturday.

Big Dish Luncheon
Head out in a group to one of the International Marketplace’s great eateries to experience food and culture. Last Saturday of the month.

Quakers Meeting
Sit in silence with strangers and friends in response to a common visual stimulus. Fourth Friday of the month.

Exhibitions up through February:
Please Read Carefully (an instruction-based art show) – at The Show Room
Noisy Neighbors (an audio show about nearby Lafayette Square businesses and sites) – at Listen Hear