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Check out this excellent national coverage in this Public Art Review print magazine article, in Atlantic Cities and Idiom. See detailed coverage of Big Car and Service Center in the Indianapolis Business Journal here. Also read an excellent story from the Central Indiana Community Foundation about Service Center and Big Car here and another by Indiana Humanities here.

David Hoppe’s story about Big Car and Service Center in NUVO
Read it here.

Made for Each Other highlighted in NUVO’s Best of 2010

NUVO’s David Hoppe had these great things to say in his Best of 2010 article about Big Car’s Made for Each Other program. To summarize, he wrote: “(In 2010) Made For Each Other instigated performances, shows, arts actions and other events at a variety of locations not always associated with the arts. In every case, the point was to show how art and artists could connect with people who tend to say that art is for somebody else, engaging these folks in the actual creation of works dealing with where they live. For once Indianapolis appears to be ahead of an arts-related curve. (MFEO’s) emphasis on making a variety of neighborhoods partners and participants in creating works of art shows the way to what could be the Next Big Thing in the arts here: A socially engaged approach that takes the emphasis off of support for artists in favor of putting artists to work in the revitalization of neighborhoods throughout the city.”

Read extended coverage of MFEO in NUVO here.

NUVO Newsweekly selects Big Car for a Cultural Vision Award.

Big Car was written up in NUVO’s best of issue by David Hoppe as “Best Happening”:

Hoppe wrote: “Back in the middle ’90s, the Susurrus Space on Vermont Street was the place to go for the experimental when it came to the arts. I say this without apology: Full disclosure, as they say, my wife ran the joint. But you can ask anybody. Those Rent Parties were amazing. When the Space was forced to close for the sake of redevelopment, Indianapolis lost a place where the new, the outre, the edgy and off-the-wall could call home. Until now. Big Car Gallery in the Murphy Building is that place: an unsafety zone where DaDa, soul and a certain Beat aesthetic meet. Disturbingly wholesome, wholesomely disturbed. It’s a creative impulse that’s so old it’s new. It figures John Clark is there and so is Jim Walker. One night my wife and I were there. Old books about sex and violence were thrust upon us and, along with several other innocent souls, we read from them as part of a fractured chorus. We never do this. We probably never will again. I’m glad we did.

Big Car voted best gallery by NUVO readers in 2005, 2006 and 2008. Finished second to the IMA when galleries and museums were lumped together in 2007 and second to the Stutz in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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