check them out…

Indiana Humanities, an excellent, state-wide organization supporting culture click here

Harrison Center for the Arts home of several Big Car connected artists click here

LUNA Music: one of our friends in music Click here

Indianapolis Star Click here

NUVO Click here

Found, the awesome magazine made of stuff people find Click here

The Arts Council of Indianapolis Click here

Know No Stranger, a local performance art group we partner with Click here

Spirit & Place, a really great annual festival of ideas in Indianapolis click here

INDYCOG, an excellent Indianapolis-based cycling advocacy organization click here

Very cool Pie of the Month Club based in Bloomington click here

Indianapolis Museum of Art – lots of links to Big Car with board members and supporters click here

Ubu web, the home of everything awesome Click here

Great Downtown toy shop: Mass Ave Toys Click here

The Indianapolis Hoosiers, a vintage base ball team full of Big Car people Click here