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Tube Factory artspace
1125 Cruft Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203
just south of beautiful Garfield Park

public hours: Mon–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat 11am–3pm


Previously a vacant 12,000-square foot former manufacturing building, Tube Factory is now an artfully renovated home base for Big Car’s work as well as partnership-based community meetings and cultural events. It was built in 1908 for use as a dairy bottling plant before housing an armory, sheet metal pattern works, peanut roaster, and factory where people made metal tubes. The industrial feel has been maintained with thoughtful updates and art pieces throughout, which make it a unique venue for your special event.


Tube Factory artspace is the home of Big Car Collaborative — a nonprofit arts organization based in Indianapolis with the mission to bring art to people and people to art, sparking creativity in lives to transform communities. Tube Factory is located in the heart of the Garfield Park neighborhood on Indianapolis’ southeast side, just 1.5 miles south of Fountain Square and 3.5 miles south of Downtown. 

During our normal business hours, the artspace features rotating exhibits, interactive projects, community space to hang out, a reference library and free books for teens and kids to take home, an outdoor gathering space, and much more to find through exploring. During our private events, this flexible space is transformed to suit the needs of each client. There is ample parking for your guests on the east side of the building in an adjoined, surface level lot that is securely fenced in. Street parking is also available along Shelby Street, less than a half block from the facility.

Community Room (2050 sq. ft.)

Our Community Room features exposed brick and ceiling beams and is filled with natural light during the day and high-quality lighting at night. It is equipped with state-of-the-art sound from Klipsch Audio and can accommodate a full band as easily as a DJ or iPod. The Community Room also houses our onsite speakeasy-style bar that serves beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.


Our contemporary art gallery features rotating exhibits from national, international and Indianapolis-based artists. Though the gallery is not part of any facility rental, it can be open during your special event, adding a fine art experience unlike anything else in the city.

Tinkering Lab (580 sq. ft.)

The Tinkering Lab is adjacent to our Video Room and features various activities and installations throughout the year. This space can become an open gathering space for your event and our activities can remain for your guests to enjoy.

Video Room (208 sq. ft.)

The Video Room typically features a video installation tied to the Gallery and, during program hours, is the site of intimate film screenings and artist talks. During your event, we can play video or a photo slideshow that enhances your guests’ experience.

Jeremy Efroymson Gallery and Garage (1390 sq. ft.)

Our contemporary art gallery and garage features rotating exhibits from national, international and Indianapolis-based artists. This space can be rented separately or along with other spaces in the building.


Weddings ($2500 minimum)

Tube Factory artspace is not your typical wedding venue. We are not a hotel ballroom. We are the home of a quirky arts organization — the influence of which is evident throughout the building. We do not require certain vendors, but we are happy to recommend some we like. And we have all of the amenities — like a premium sound system, on-site bar, and a day-of venue coordinator — all provided to make your wedding day stress-free and memorable.


Partnerships drive Big Car’s work both on the local level and as Big Car looks to expand our reach regionally and nationally. We collaborate with more than 50 partners annually, both from the arts field and outside of it. As part of these partnerships, we look for mission-aligned opportunities to facilitate events and programs at a reduced rental rate.


Tube Factory artspace is a flexible, light-filled space that naturally invigorates people’s minds and — dare we say — spirits. It is the perfect place to get people out of the everyday and into a creative environment to inspire new ideas and collaborations. This combination of built-in features also provides a unique environment for photo and video shoots.


General pricing starts at $350 per hour. Discounts may be available for nonprofit organizations and community partners. 

Think we might be a fit for your next event? Get the conversation started by emailing us: email hidden; JavaScript is required


Rental FAQS

How many people can the space hold?

Depending on the set up anywhere from 150-300.


The gallery is not part of the facility rental. There are no tables, chairs, food or drink allowed in the gallery. While the gallery can be open during your event, it is not included as part of the facility rental.


You may use command strips, putty and painter’s tape on the walls but you cannot hammer into the walls. There are also certain areas you cannot cover, such as: the donor wall and the bar area.

What can be moved?

The tables and chairs only.

Where is the trash?

Dumpsters are at the south of the building by creek. You are responsible for the removal of your own trash.

Will you promote my event?

We will not promote your event unless the event is a partnership.

Can I bring in my own alcohol/bartenders?

You must use our bartenders to staff the bar, it costs extra to have the bar open. You cannot serve alcohol unless our bar is open. You can’t bring in your own alcohol. If it’s a cash bar where Big Car keeps the alcohol sales, we supply cups and napkins. If it’s an open bar, you supply cups and napkins. The alcohol you supply to your guests via an open bar must be purchased through Big Car.

Can I put my own images on the t.v.s?

The images on the televisions cannot be changed out for the event.

Is it extra to use your chairs (other than the ones at the tables)and a.v. equipment?


What about parking?

If you have more than 50 people attending your event you must provide a parking attendant or pay one of our staff for to direct the attendees to the additional lot. Please let attendees know they can park along Shelby St. but they can not park on Cruft. The street parking on Cruft is for residents only.