Design for Good

Our Design for Good program led by creative director Andy Fry provides quality, moderate-cost design services to non-profits, community organizations, and other public entities in Indianapolis and beyond. The program addresses challenges many organizations face when marketing dollars are limited and staff do not have the expertise or time to dedicate to producing thoughtful marketing assets.

Design for Good is an example of what is known as a social enterprise: simultaneously addressing a community need while creating a revenue stream that helps to fund other Big Car activities that only cost money but help make life better for people of all backgrounds.

We have witnessed the power of good design to engage people and transform communities, whether it is a friendly logo, a morale-building t-shirt, or a full program of engagement. In each case, good design brings fresh energy to our partners’ missions and ability to engage people – often in quantifiable ways like increased attendance at events.

We are proud to have worked with all of our partners, including: Reconnecting to Our Waterways, IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute, Ensemble Music Society, The Athenaeum Foundation, City of Indianapolis, Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Indianapolis Recorder, The DaVinci Pursuit, Garfield Park Neighbors Association, Mainstreet Shelbyville, IndyGo, Rotary Club of Indianapolis, Earth Charter Indiana, Indy Mod Homes, White River Festival, MESH Coalition, iMOCA, West Indy CDC, and International Marketplace Coalition.